Welcome to the Hartford Preservation Alliance


2016-aia-ct-award-certificate-cropped AIA CONNECTICUT HONORS HPA ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

On December 5, 2016, the Connecticut Chapter of the American Institutes of Architects awarded HPA Assistant Director Mary A. Falvey their Public Service Award which recognizes those individuals or groups who enhanced the built environment, educated the public or supported the architectural profession.

The Jury commended Ms. Falvey for the educational component of her contributions and activities and for her service to architects, especially in her capacity as a mentor to young architectural students. She has guided and informed students about the requirements that are at the core of designations within historic districts and helped them to see the importance of careful research in this endeavor. In her role of educating the public about the built environment, she has been a caretaker of the extensive properties under her purview and has shown total dedication to her responsibilities within the community. (aiact.org)

Our mission is to revitalize the historic fabric of Hartford,
connect us to our heritage and
collaborate to impact community economic development
by providing historic preservation and revitalization technical assistance, education and advocacy for those who live and work in Hartford.

HPA Executive Director Frank Hagaman presented Historic Preservation: The Foundation for Community Economic Development at the 2013 TEDx Bushnell Park event.


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