2 Park Terrace: We’re Making Great Progress!

2 Park Terrace - the dreaded fence

2 Park Terrace – the dreaded fence

When first we talked about this property we had been contacted by the owner, Jeff Ball, who wanted to do the right thing by his home in Frog Hollow.  HPA offered to work with Jeff on technical assistance matters to include the repair and renovation to his front porch, the elimination of one pretty terrible fence, a painting scheme and gutters.  Happily we have engaged the services of Valerio Giadone, architect, who is working with HPA clients to make suggested renovations.  You can view several sketches of the porch repairs which will be utilized as Jeff talks with his porch contractor.

l to r: Phil Barlow, Jeff Ball, Valerio Giadone

l to r: Phil Barlow, Jeff Ball, Valerio Giadone

The owner has come to recognize that the fence enclosing his property is pretty much an eyesore.  He inquired whether the boundary might not be defined through a landscape plan rather than install a new fence. 

We reached out to Phil Barlow, TO Design, LLC  and asked if he might offer guidance to Jeff.  We held a powwow at the property and hope to have a simple design shortly which the owner can plant and maintain.  We are to understand that friends will gather to bid a not-so-fond farewell to the fence, apparently beer and a cookout might be in order.

Please keep checking back for additions to this urban project.  If you have color suggestions we all would love to hear from you!!!!!!!

Valerio Giandone's design

Valerio Giadone’s design