2 Park Terrace

2 Park Ter 1 croppedThe homeowner of 2 Park Terrace contacted us about improvements he wants to make to his George Keller-designed row house in the Frog Hollow Historic District.  He needs to address a sagging porch which wraps around this corner property.  An aging fence of some indeterminate era protects the property from pedestrians wishing to “cut the corner” of Park Terrace and Capitol Avenue.  He wants to explore replacing the fence with a landscape solution to soften the exterior of his home.  Rounding out the wish list is new paint and to replace gutters.  A ten-year resident of Park Terrace Jeff wants to do the right thing as he improves his home.

2 Park Ter fence cropped

In contacting HPA Jeff had no idea that we would leap at offering to help!  As outlined in our new strategic plan we want to offer real and relevant technical assistance.  In launching the concept of becoming an historic preservation center, HPA wants to become recognized as a resource for property owners.  In meeting with Jeff we explored his scope of projects which are confronting the house’s condition.  With the help of an architect, Valerio Giadone, we began we had a general discussion of what options might be available to repair the substructure of this substantial porch and to repair or possibly replace columns, rails or spindles of the porch. The desire by the homeowner is to accomplish the work by the fall.2 Park Ter 4

Over the course of the project I will write about the its progress , decisions to be made and resources gathered to complete this signature neighborhood improvement effort.  We hope to highlight the technical assistance offered by HPA as a means to encourage citywide interest in having the preservation center become a respected and robust partner.  More to the point we want to encourage owners  of historic property owners to “do the right thing”.