201 Ann Uccello Street – Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple 201 Ann Street detail 4th floor croppedA reader to our website asked if we had a picture of the detail on the old Masonic Temple now undergoing its 2nd renovation and reuse since being built in 1894. Happy to oblige.

Hartford Courant article from March 9 1983 by Blair Kamin does a much better job of describing this section of the elaborate architectural detail than I ever could:

In its center section, which consists of wood carvings, the architect set, in descending order, an all-seeing eye, the Masons’ square and compass, a Masonic cipher in Hebrew letters acknowledging God’s power, the date of construction and an imaginary Greek temple containing the five classical orders (from left to right, Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite). [1]

[1] Kamin, Blair. Restored Masonic Hall Poses Marketing Test. Mar 9, 1983, pg. B1.