297 Fairfield Avenue: A (Potential) Solution

1 Hawthorne - a NINA restoration project

1 Hawthorne – a NINA restoration project

I last wrote about the amazingly complex and unhappy situation of the property on Fairfield Avenue.  HPA is completing a strategic plan which, when adopted and implemented, should help to solve this problem and others.  The Board of Directors has adopted a resolution to allow HPA to become the historic preservation “resource and technical assistance hub” in Hartford.  To become such we will address challenges thus:

  1. Raise the profile of why preservation matters to encourage owners to seek advice as a first step when buying or owning property in an historic district
  2. Recognize that the City of Hartford and owners of historic properties are to be our Number 1 customers
  3. Consult on historic property guidelines as published by the Historic Preservation Commission under the Historic Preservation Ordinance adopted by the City Council 
  4. Create a walk-in center where information, advice and resources are made available
  5. Establish design consultation, construction budget and project management capacity to advise on site
  6. Build a database of appropriate materials, costs, a construction calculator, where material can be purchased
  7. Create a list of contractors and sub-contractors who have experience working on historic properties
  8. Offer guidance on petitions and presentations before the Historic Preservation Commission
  9. Link financial resources which support historic preservation projects, e.g. The State Homeowner Tax Credit Program
  10. Create a revolving fund to facilitate access to funding for projects

The key is to raise the bar on historic preservation, to imbue in the City a philosophy that preservation matters and demonstrate that historic preservation improves property values. This is the mantra by which a livable community, one like ours with a tremendous historic fabric, thrives.

Your comments, questions and observations are greatly encouraged.