A Trip to New Britain

transportation CTFastrak. This is a major step forward in CAM01397As part of the continuing series of blogs “Hartford Has It” I am delighted to add my new favorite mode of providing a public transportation opportunity to replace a car in my dotage. As the kinks get ironed out this rider sees tremendous potential in a convenient, quick, comfortable and bike-friendly means to explore the new world of New Britain.

This trip was no simple joy ride but a staff outing to explore a building for which we have been asked to lend a hand in assembling historic tax credits. Located on Main Street (BTW New Britain seems to have more than its share of Main Streets….) the vacant and abandoned “Berkowitz” is an historic jewel in the rough. Minutes from the Fastrak terminus this once elegant apartment building may see a renewal as a component of a transit oriented community. It CAM01406doesn’t hurt that the building is located directly across the street from the Roly Poly Bakery a new discovery for this Hartford dweller. Taking a walkabout was the beginning of a process of discovery to see an urban fabric which once thrived through manufacture. The promise of renewal is exciting.

The Berkowitz

The Berkowitz

Hartford Preservation Alliance is about community economic development. Rehabilitation and rejuvenation is a key to improving community by supporting the revitalization of the historic fabric which we all remember and cherish. Our job is to be the guide and mentor for historic buildings to recreate neighborhoods, communities and municipalities as a means toward sustainable growth.

Stay tuned as we report progress on the bus and the Berkowitz. Better yet invite me to share some of the great food found in New Britain as I talk about the potential found in historic preservation.