Asylum Hill Artists: A Celebration of Art & Culture

Asylum Hill Artists Collage

Last week we kicked off a month-long celebration of arts, artists, diversity, creativity and fun on Asylum Hill.  During the next four weeks events will happen all over the community which are open to the public underscoring that everyone is welcome.  Born from the Welcoming Committee working with the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association this multi-cultural celebration demonstrates the rich fabric of the population here.  30 % of the residents represent 24 different countries.  We wish to highlight their talent and desire to live in a totally integrated neighborhood which embraces so many people sharing a desire to live their lives with peace and prosperity.

On Tuesday, the 16th artist took over the gallery at ArtSpace the artist live/work place on Farmington Avenue.  The walls were lively with works from artists who live on Asylum Hill.  At least ten nationalities are represented in the show.  (By the way the gallery will be open each weekend for the next four weeks. )  Photographs, sculpture, painting, mixed-media all are there wowing the overflowing crowd of visitors.  Then, on Thursday the Town & County Club hosted “Black Boy Jungle” a dance by Tnmot Aztro, choreographed by Arien Wilkerson. Simply stated the talent brought the crowd to its feet.  Artistry that can only make one shout with enthusiasm and joy that we have such people who live here among us.

The next three weeks will witness the West End Farmers Markets each Tuesday where artisans will sell their wares.  Each week will highlight different performances during the market.  This coming Thursday there will be a multi-cultural Fashion show, again at ArtSpace.  An exciting evening of color, pageantry, food and music.  Please refer to the schedule which is attached to this blog.  Join us in embracing the excitement of being diverse.

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