More Chalky Space

more chalky stuff

photo courtesy of iQuilt

My blog title refers to one of the posts on the wall, at EnvisionFest, asking “My vision for Hartford is….”.  An all-day event to celebrate what is terrific about this city in which we live; EnvisionFest is one of the signature programs of The iQuilt Plan whose objective is to create a walkable city taking advantage of the historic and cultural vibrancy of Hartford.  And so it did on a fine Saturday as any people from the Hartford Region ambled about downtown to engage in such wide ranging activities as going to the top of the Travelers Tower or to chat with” Morgan Bulkley” on the steps of City Hall or take a walking tour with HPA’s intrepid tour guide, Mary Falvey!  Food was most evident as was the beer provided by Hooker Brewery, one could even find gluten free, vegan delights….  Do not fail to understand that Hartford was founded by a Hooker, Thomas that is.  Bushnell Park was thriving with booths including our very own Hartford Prints where one could write a love letter to the City and have it mailed.  On my way to the Old State House I paused to talk with the poor woman whose husband had died in the 1700’s, she lost the family farm and was accused of being a witch.  She was the first to be hung in New England.  What one can learn from talking with people on the street, no?  The Hartford HodgePodge, an outdoor “marketplace for ideas” located on State House Square was alive with people.  This is to be its home for Saturdays during the fall (through Oct 18) as a weekend destination for many who want to witness a thriving downtown.  At the Old State House we saw a collection of historic bikes and picked up a card which led to an historic scavenger hunt.  All this witnessed in my first two hours of the day which then carried on into the night.

Jackie Mandyck and her committee are to be congratulated for the vision to establish this event and to coordinate all the moving parts which made the day such a success.  Indeed we who live and love this city want more chalky space to write the future for Hartford.  Please feel free to post on this blog or on Facebook what your ideas, thoughts and wishes for the City might gain a voice.  I for one hope to sample more of the wonderful beer from Hooker……..