The Hub and Spoke

When last we spoke (hint: Strategic Planning is not for the Faint of Heart and Historic Preservation is an Action Verb), I began to outline the new strategic plan for Hartford Preservation Alliance.  Within the mission and vision are the essential themes of preservation matters and we want to be a collaborative partner in Hartford’s effort on behalf of community economic development.  So here is a visual representation of our concept of creating an historic preservation center: 

HUB graphic multi colored

We envision a center established as part of the community, “on the street where you live”, that when implemented can be a resource center for many things:

  • An education resource;   
  • Advice for property owners: tax credits, historic commission applications, materials, cost comparisons, design, budgets
  • Research, listed properties, historic districts
  • Tours, talks, discussions of Historic Hartford
  • Homeowner repair classes
  • Financial toolbox: revolving fund, second mortgages, construction finance resources, acquisition
  • Resource for City of Hartford Department of Development
  • Partner in community preservation projects

To be sure this will not happen at once, but will be phased in over the course of the next several years.  This writer is tempted to say that HPA is “not your father’s HPA” but will seek to emerge as a robust organization willing and eager to participate in historic preservation of Hartford.