What Matters is Preservation in Hartford

1 Banner 2 1886 Bushnell Park & skyline

May is Historic Preservation Month nationally.  For us at HPA the timing could not be better to launch a robust discussion what preservation is to mean in Hartford.  Recently we affirmed the our new strategic plan  which will see the organization evolve into a partner dedicated to community economic development.  Our planning began with asking questions of people who care about Hartford.  Who are we, what do we do and more to the point what can we do?  Those responses have been the foundation of business plan which hopes to be relevant as the City moves forward in an exciting era growth. Our mission is simple: “Revitalize, Connect, Collaborate”. Our values: “Community Building, Sense of Place, Economic Development”.

We have asked several key people who are committed and engaged in the future of Hartford to accept an invitation to be guest bloggers for HPA.  We have challenged these leaders to expand on assigned topics taken from the blog articles Six Practical Reasons to Save Old Buildings and What’s “Historic” – And Who Says?  During this month we will post their thoughts. 

We at HPA are eager to have this opportunity to launch a part of our campaign to engage the Hartford community in a conversation of “Why Does Historic Preservation Matter”.  But we want to challenge you, our reading audience to contribute your own thoughts about historic preservation and what it can and should mean for Hartford’s future. Add your comments below and/or comment and share our Facebook posts.

Stay tuned…………………………