Ms. Julie C. Tells You What’s What

Often we at the Preservation Alliance speak about the singular benefit of the State’s Historic Homes Tax Credit. Historic properties utilizing a tax credit, which offers financial resources to rehabilitation projects, is a true and unique benefit in Connecticut.

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a part of the Department of Economic and Community Development ,has produced a series of videos to inform and guide applicants on how to secure tax credits for a residential project.  Starring none other than Julie Carmelich, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Administrator, they are simple, clear, informative and truly helpful. These videos can walk a homeowner through the process of securing an allocation of tax credits.

We often speak to property owners about how tax credits can reduce the out of pocket expense of doing rehabilitation projects. There are several steps which must be accomplished and the work envisioned must meet certain preservation guidelines to work.  Yet securing this financial resource is not at all difficult.

We at the Preservation Alliance stand ready to offer guidance to property owners in Hartford and surrounding towns.  Our Historic Home Rehabilitation Tax Credit website page provides all the information needed to apply for the tax credit.  Our technical assistance team is ready to help an owner move forward with a project.

We really like to help make preservation matter (and easier) here in the City.  The State Historic Preservation Office is always working hard to making this more accessible.  We urge you to spend some time reviewing these videos.  Making contact with Julie is direct, she offers several methods of getting in touch with her regarding questions, comments or concerns You can also follow the SHPO on FaceBook:

We all are here to help and truly Ms Julie C knows what’s what about homeowner tax credit.

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One thought on “Ms. Julie C. Tells You What’s What

  1. Frank
    Thank you publishing these videos. I watched all of them and they are really informative and well done. I learned new things and corrected some information I had wrong.
    Thank you also to the SHPO both Julie and Mary for providing these videos as a resource to understand the Home Tax credit program.
    Will they be preparing one for the Historic Tax Credit program also?

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