By The Numbers

Word Cloud Historic Districts

In November the State Historic Review Commission approved the nomination of the Parkville National Historic District.  Within the preservation community of Hartford this is greeted with great enthusiasm.

For the property owners – covering roughly 50% of the Parkville neighborhood –  establishing an historic district represents several things.  To begin with the property owners recognize the significant history of this largely manufacturing area of Hartford.  It cherishes the origins and impact which manufacturing had on the growth of the City.  In fact the Parkville Metropolitan Development Plan which was created in 1999 spoke to a desire to preserve the character of Parkville from which it grew.

Second the historic district designation represents a tool by which property owners and residents can protect their neighborhoods from unwanted or inappropriate development.  The Hartford Historic Commission will now hear petitions for variances to the historic fabric of the community.  Owners will have an opportunity to use a public forum to voice opposition to development deemed unwanted.

Third and final the historic designation now creates the possibility of utilizing State Historic Tax Credits, a unique and powerful financial tool for property owners who wish to make renovations to their properties whether interior or exterior.  The Preservation Alliance will shortly offer training sessions on how to consider these tax credits.

And finally to the numbers:

6 =  National Historic Landmarks
Coltsville Industrial District
Henry Barnard House
Old State House
State Capitol Building
Harriet Beecher Stowe House
Mark Twain House

4,872 = Properties located on Local, State and/or National Historic Registers

52= Local, State and National Districts

450 = Properties in nominated Parkville Historic District

1 = National Park