The (reborn) Perfect Six

14. Capitol AveFor anyone who has taken on a complete rehabilitation of a vacant and abandoned historic building (I write from experience) requires vision, patience, hard work, perseverance and …. money.  It can be fun to uncover architectural elements which have been hidden but designing and creating new features with which to bring the building into the 21st Century is exciting.  Maja and Aaron Gill have accomplished just such an astounding project on Capitol Avenue. Long dormant and neglected 389 Capitol was a building you passed while remarking how dilapidated its condition brought down the street.  All too often thinking “someone should do something with it”. The Gills who were long on enthusiasm and saw nothing but opportunity to recreate a building which once housed six residential units and two retail spaces and have done just that.  Assembling a construction team is no easy task for a renovation project which, among other financial resources, has utilized State Historic Tax Credits.  Rehabilitation projects require constant management, endless decisions, creativity to figure out alternative construction approaches, and a robust sense of humor.  If, as happened to the Gills, you live in the project add the headache of a constant battle with dust!

14. Capitol Ave view of Capitol dome paintYet what has emerged is a fine example of one of Hartford’s most iconic residential buildings the Perfect Six.  Most recently the metal “garage doors” have been taken off the retail spaces and what is joining the streetscape is a lovely, elegant building painted green with red trim.  Porches now grace the upper floors and soon the retail construction will present inviting space where commerce once again brings vitality to the street.

Now complete the building enters a period of leasing, the units are enticing with heated bathroom floors, exposed brick, modern kitchens and a component of energy efficiency which is remarkable.  An urban residence to be sure and within a fifteen minute walk to downtown!  As the building has emerged a whole new district is taking shape with new apartments, restaurants, a cocktail lounge and small food boutiques.  Indeed a neighborhood renaissance in Hartford worthy of the dedication of a young couple’s investment in the urban fabric here.  For more information:  860-337-4849 or

4 thoughts on “The (reborn) Perfect Six

  1. So glad to see this happening! The Frog Hollow neighborhood is so convenient, attractive and walkable. It came very close to resurrection a couple of decades ago with the condo craze, then the economy tanked. The time seems right now. Congrats to this young couple!

  2. Congratulations to the Gills. We’re hoping this is a new trend. Back in the 70s when we lived on Washington Street, many of our young friends were rehabbing houses and living near Downtown. Brings back such good memories.

  3. Hooray for the Gills. The investment and commitment they have shown to the city and the neighborhood is one more nugget in the revitalization of Hartford’s storied neighborhoods. May the success of this undertaking extend to the surrounds. Congratulations; the house is splendid.

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