Walking The Walk

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Walking the Walking on an HPA led tour during Envisionfest

Last week I wrote about “Nightfall” and how great an event it becomes for Hartford as it draws people to witness something truly creative.  Yet the evening did not end there as often happens when bumping into friends downtown.  The decision was to head to Vito’s By The Park, my favorite watering hole which happens to offer oysters, in this case Blue Points!  We were joined by a woman whom I didn’t know, a friend of friends.  The conversation immediately focused on things Hartford (yes, the ball park was mentioned) and bicycle riding.  What became amazing was how articulate and engaged with and most knowledgeable about all the city challenges, issues and opportunities we natter on about all the time (can you say Dwellers of Downtown on Facebook……….?). I say amazing because almost immediately upon meeting I learned that she does not live in the City!  Anyway, a few more drinks, oysters and funny stories led me to understand that this woman, Bonnie Malley, holds leadership positions in the iQuilt Plan and MetroHartford Alliance and I am certain that these are only two of many organizations to which she dedicates time and talent.  Bonnie has been intimately involved and focused on the many things which we dwellers wrestle with all the time.   She spends much of her voluntary time working on and with the challenges of making Hartford a great town and a better place to live.

Why I write about Bonnie is her commitment to showing up. Boards with missions to do things in Hartford are populated but don’t extend their reach beyond governance.  This does not condemn their contribution at all.  But what struck me as so wonderful was that Bonnie sat on the grass, still damp with the day’s rain, and participated in a magical show we want more people to see.  Yet in further conversation it became so apparent the she spends much of her free time working on behalf of the City.  She does not just talk the talk as so many people do about Hartford but actually does things.  She sees a means to improve the Capitol Region by strengthening the core city and lends her considerable talents at making them happen. I truly appreciate the contribution and would like to encourage more dedication.  Happy to learn of others so if you have people to salute please, please do so.

Oh yeah, there are those of us who hope to get Bonnie to bike the walk soon………..