2 Park Terrace: Sometimes No Fences Make Good Neighbors!

This past weekend our buddy and technical assistance client (guinea pig) Jeff Bell tossed a party.  Not just an ordinary affair mind you but one to take a major step forward to improve his home.  This writer arrived too soon to eat or drink but was in time to witness the glee of yanking down a fence which has needed to go for years

2 Park Terrace fence work crewI made sure to take a photograph of the intrepid demolition team.  Those are sort of smiles on their faces; after all it is serious business to wreck a fence (think Robert Frost) but in this case a job well done! 

As you can see the whole corner now looks ready to be improved, replanted and to become a thing of beauty. One can only hope that the party following was as successful.2 Park Terrace after no fence

Congratulations Jeff Ball and team!  We are enjoying working with and for you.