Anne Cubberly – “Hartford Has Her”

A City worth living in (or visiting) requires a cultural vibrancy. As I have come back to Hartford I am rediscovering its limitless opportunities to get exposed to the arts and artists who live here. Yet, of late, I have to admit to becoming an acolyte of the merry jester of the court of staid Hartford, Anne Cubberly. As I reflect on those events which have delighted and enchanted me, Anne’s fingerprints are everywhere:

  • Nightfall – haven’t been, not done . . . yet!
  • First Night 2014: The Big Game – held in the lobby of City Hall, this “board game” navigated participants by a roll of the dice. Landing in jail required me to sing “Amazing Grace” as a penalty. All materials are recycled.
  • Boar’s Head Festival: Asylum Hill Congregational Church: a spectacular program with a cast of hundreds, live animals and presided over by an angel who floated above the audience giving each of us her full attention
  • Hartford Arts Sled Derby: in cahoots with Paul Spirito, this event takes the cold and blahs out of winter
  • Night of the Gypsies: March 1 – one can only imagine the delights which wait to chase away the blues!

So Hartford is alive and vibrant with the contributions of Anne Cubberly.

Quote the maven: “Evermore.”