Welcome to the Hartford Preservation Alliance


Photo: Beverly Lucas/Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation

Many thanks to everyone who joined us on August 10 at Cedar Hill Cemetery for our Notable Architects Waling Tour. And a special thanks to Beverly Lucas, Executive Director of the Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation for both hosting us and providing us with some great research. 

To learn more about historic Cedar Hill, visit the foundation’s website or read the nomination forms for the National Register of Historic Places for Cedar Hill Cemetery and the Northam Memorial Chapel and Gallup Memorial Gateway.


  • WIN: The proposed bills (SB 1107 & HB 6552) that would have prevented certain communities from protecting their historic properties under the Connecticut Environmental Protection Act were NOT raised in either chamber for a vote.
  • WIN: Legislation that would have restricted the ability of Eversource to purchase tax credit vouchers (which they currently do dollar for dollar) was removed from biennial budget.
  • WIN: The proposal to deposit fees collected under the Community Investment Act into the general fund was removed.
  • WIN: SB 1070 that provides for court-appointed receivers of blighted properties was passed.
  • WIN: HB 7277 that enables municipalities to establish Land Banks passed. Both receiverships and land banks are important new tools to be used in preventing demolition by neglect.

Many, many thanks to all of you who took the time to provide testimony for public hearings and/or contacted your legislators when we issued our Calls to Action. 


Our mission is to revitalize the historic fabric of Hartford,
connect us to our heritage and
collaborate to impact community economic development
by providing historic preservation and revitalization technical assistance, education and advocacy for those who live and work in Hartford.

Old State House circa 1886

On May 14, 2019, HPA Executive Director Mary A. Falvey was the featured speaker at the Old State House’s “Conversations at Noon” series. Click the following link to view the Connecticut Network video recording of her presentation “The History of the Preservation of the Old State House” followed by a panel discussion (including Mary, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer Mary Dunne and CT Trust Executive Director Jane Montanaro) on the future of preservation. http://ct-n.com/ctnplayer.asp?odID=16343

HPA’s previous Executive Director Frank Hagaman presented Historic Preservation: The Foundation for Community Economic Development at the 2013 TEDx Bushnell Park event.


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